From Wind in Trees to The Breath in Lungs

With each new project I find new ways to reinvent the sounds we hear all around us on a daily basis. From the very sound of the wind in the trees or the nuanced silence found in the breathe of the characters- sounds shape films both consciously and subconsciously. Even in the most dramatic and swelling moments a whisper can be much louder than a scream. This is the breathtaking and captivating power of sound as an art form in film, tv, and digital mediums.


From the subtle nuances of a breath to the extravagant aspects of explosions; there's never a dull moment in a truly breathtaking sound design.


Production dialogue, ADR, and the ever powerful loop group work that create the basic building blocks of a film are not to be written off as mere necessity. These elements should be treated with the greatest of care as a part of creating a world that can suspend the reality of the viewer if only for a couple of hours.


Sound effect builds can do a great deal to create a believable world even if it's a world created out of the infinite imagination of a director/writer/visual storyteller. From foley, to library, to field recordings specific to a project- there is no greater tool than a strong effects edit to really sell the unique and diverse worlds and cinematic universes known and unknown to visual storytellers and audiences alike.


Each fade in the edit, every movement by the characters- emotionally and rhythmically matched by the music and score of a film/tv show. No matter what a character is feeling or where they go, music is an integral part of each character's world just as it is a part of our own. Though not in every moment, the score and diegetic music elements of a film help transport the viewer to the characters world and emotionally connect them with each character and their stories.