Albert Einstein

In my work as a filmmaker to my work as a motivator and speaker, all I do is about having fun with the limitless possibilities of my wide variety of life experiences. I let my intelligence have fun and that is the key to unlocking my limitless creativity.

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Growing up I always enjoyed puzzles. I'm sure there was a time when I didn't but I remember whether it was a tongue twister, a new puzzle box, mind benders, or riddles- I was always excited to apply my mind and try my hands at solving the greatest puzzles out there. As a young adult and the start of my adult years I have now learned 5 languages and counting. Having always enjoyed new ways to engage my intelligence and advance my creativity, its no surprise to me that my love for language, story and puzzles landed me in love with the world of filmmaking. Though my career is in Sound for Film, I have been known to do work in all aspects of the film industry. Above all, my favorite thing to do is engage with others and their cultures, passions, and lifestyles as I genuinely enjoy growing in knowledge at any chance I get. No surprise since my father and mother both have a cumulative six college degrees between the two of them. Being raised by teachers with inquisitive minds that were eager to share anything they learned with anyone else interested in learning, its no surprise to either that I now engage with culture and young artist as a mentor, teacher, and speaker while continuing my career in LA as a Producer and Post Production Coordinator.



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